Midway Results 5/10/2019

Lebanon Midway Results And Shorts-New Winners Grace Victory Lane

USRA U-Pull It B Mods

1-Tyler Knudtson
2-Dillion McCowan
3-Tyler Brown-T10
4-Sam Petty
5-Kris Jackson
6-Brian Myers
7-Dalton Keith
8-Kelly Hicks
9-Jamie Mauk
10-Robin Showers
11-Wesley Briggs

Caution Free 15 lapper and action everywhere. Knudtson and McCowan on the front row with Former Champion Brown and Myers in row 2 with Defending champion Petty starting 9th and National champion Jackson 11th. Knudtson gets the strong start over McCowan as Dillion sets back. Special K is setting a torrid pace as Brown in his 1st start of the season is glued to McCowan in the race for 2nd as Petty who had motor issues in his heat is charging as Jackson the current track point leader is letting the field sort out early and then slowly starts his forward drive. With some super quick laps by Tyler, The race for 2nd was starting to reel in the leader. With 3 to go, lapped traffic was in front of the leaders as it looked like things were really going to heat-up as the lead was getting smaller. Knudtson was flying tonight and made all the right moves to become our 3rd different winner in a feature that took only 4 minutes-WOW

Starnes Auto Body Street Stocks

1-Joe Francis
2-Mark Davis
3-Daniel Deason
4-James Keeran
5-John Ketterer
DNS-Ron Myers

Francis in a different world tonight as he got the opening shot over Davis and dominated the 15 lapper. 1 late caution gave Davis a late shot, but didn't have anything tonight for the winner. Daniel Deason in Grindstaff's car tonight rallied for a strong charge for 3rd spot.

Mi-Kel Industries Midwest Modifieds

1-Trent Wynn
2-Colt Cheevers
3-Luke Gideon
4-Steve Price
5-Jamie Petty
6-John Dame
7-Phillip Jackson
8-Cody Lewis
9-Zach Cheever
10-Austin Greer
11-Cody Stillwell
12-Billy Jones
13-Jesse Hawkins
14-Jeff Street
15-Keith Cheevers
16-Justin Day
DNS-Tim Day

After a late restart with the car breaking 2 weeks ago, Trent Wynn ends the 45 special streak in Midwest. A 3 wide start on the 1st green didnt fare well for points runner-up Jackson, Jeff Street and Justin Day. Both Street and Jackson made repairs to return. With Keith Cheevers and Greer on the front row, the restart got action going with Keith Cheevers leading the tight pack with Wynn, Greer, Jesse Hawkins and a fast moving Colt who started tonight 12th on the field. The 92 of Cheevers was keeping Wynn at bay as Colt was making some moves to the top 3. On lap 4, Wynn took charge as Colt moved into 2nd the following lap. A caution at the halfway point really kept things tight as Fall Series champion Luke Gideon and Jamie Petty and Steve Price were battling in the top 5 along with Greer and John Dane. In the late stages, Early contender Keith Cheevers fell back and a broken part on the front end ended his strong run bunching the pack up. Gideon made a smooth move to get 2nd from Colt following the restart until with 3 to go, the Colt 5 got back around as Wynn was setting a solid steady pace, With 2 to go, Wynn would find the Midwest dominator make some moves, but Wynn kept him at bay for the win.

1st State Community Bank Kidz Cruisers

1-Dalton Justin Roberts
2-Jacob Lewis

Roberts on track tonight as regular Preston McDowell was on a Senior Field trip. Dalton who struggled in his heat, had the car on spot tonight and never looked back with the win.

Sing Rental Hornets

1-Jeff Helton
2- Shyanne Bauman
3-Dewey Resch
4-Johnathan Finley
5-Josh Gerber
6-Kelly Escamilla
7-Dan Nelson

With a tie in the points, All eyes were to see if the Young Lady driver Shyanne could make it 3 in a row and a tight pack action all 15 laps. Dewey Resch takes the opening lead with Nelson close behind. With some door to door racing, Helton shot to the front as Shyanne Bauman following close behind. This battle continued the whole race as with 3 to go, Bauman made a strong run on Helton, but tonight is was the 6er grabbing his 1st feature win as racing for spots were all over.

Coldwell Banker Pure Stocks

1-Mike Piercy
2-Christopher Sawyer
3-Justin Roberts
4-Bodie Gamble
5-Corey Henson
6-Greg Dykstra
7-Les Hayes
8-Jacob Wood
9-Justin McDowell
10-Chase Roberts
DQ-Joshua Cowden
DNS-TJ Thomas Whited,Mitch Armstrong

A classic up front battle, Mid pack green flag racing action and a surprised winner as the 1st place car had issues with tech. Mike Piercy and Joshua Cowden brought the field to the green and had a classic battle up front with Sawyer right in the shadows with Dykstra closing in along with point leader Roberts and Henson and Gamble. Only 2 cautions as McDowell got loose off turn 2. and dykstra had a tire go down in the latter stages in turn 4 After the door to door race up front, Cowden made a power move up high on lap 10 to take the lead with Piercy still on his heels with Sawyer looking for running room. Cowden had issue going through tech giving Piercy the win. Overall Great feature action all night long.

Back in action next Friday Night with regular point races in All classes with Racing at 8PM.