Midway Results 9/7/2019

Lebanon, Mo.- Defending and current Out Pace USRA B Modified Champion Kris Jackson of Lebanon took back the lead from former National Champion JC Morton and survived a 5 lap shoot with Andy Bryant and a fast moving Gunner Martin to capture The 1st Annual TJR Factory 56 USRA B Modified Missouri Nationals before a capacity crowd Saturday Night.

While everyone is used to seeing the 65 in victory lane, it wasn't all that easy for the Lebanon driver as going into the event, many expected him to dominant but that was far from the truth. Thursday Night qualifying saw Jackson and his 65 fail to lock into the feature and had to compete Friday night hoping to secure a good starting spot. Jackson then went out and won a Qualifying event and then went out to win the pole scramble between the winners as Iowa's Cam Reimers to occupy the front row with Morton, Andy Bryant in row 2 while row 3 saw winners Terry Schultz and 2018 Track champion Sam Petty in row 3.

Following alphabet soup style semi-features the 20 car field was set for the 56 lap feature. Following a couple of restarts, Jackson shot to the top spot on lap 1 with Morton, Reimers, Schultz, and 2019 track champion Dillion McCowan and Petty in the top 6. with Jackson and Morton starting to put a small distance from the pack ass Andy Bryant start forward movement on lap 3 cracking the top 6 and trying to sort things out. A long good steady run and side by side action throughout the field would see Sedalia's Terry Schultz making his way to 3rd place on lap 8 while Bryant, Reimers and McCowan in the top 6 as Nevada's Brantley Gotschall and "The Wheatland Outlaw" Mke Streigel moving on the high-side. It took until lap 12 before the leaders got to lapped traffic as on lap 14 the 1st caution waved as Myers spun in turn 4 slowing the fast pace as Schultz pulled to the pits with a flat tire, but then retired with other issues.As Jackson fired on the double-file restart, Morton was right on Jackson's bumper as Bryant gathered 3rd with Gotschall, Reimers, and McCowan mixing it up as Streigel was moving on the top groove as again racing all over the track. On lap 16, Morton shot around Jackson to take command as Streigel had closed ground and coming quickly.while B feature winner Jake Richards of Kansas City was knocking on the door for a top 5 bringing Gunner Martin also of the Kansas City region with him.

Morton's 10 car length advantage was starting to shrink as Jackson had moved around on the track looking for some more speed and found it in the middle lane. A lap 27 caution bunched the pack again as Myers was awarded the lucky dog award placing him back on the lead lap.

Morton shot perfect on the restart as Jackson, Bryant, Streigel, Gotschall and Richards were 2-3 wide for spots. as Streigel missed the mark on the high-side and started to go backwards as he overshot the high-lane.Another green run had Morton trying to fend back Jackson as The Kansas Connection of Richards and Martin challenging Bryant for 3rd spot. After 2 laps of looking for the top spot, Jackson made the pass for the lead back on lap 38 as Oklahoma's Eddie Martin was on the move.Caution waved on lap 45 for Dalton Keith's spin in turn 2. Event rules called for 5 laps or less to restart single file as Morton was glued to Jackson's back bumper as Bryant had been playing during the last log run on the extreme top-side as Richard's and Martin were in position also.

As the green waved Morton was searching for something and coming off turn 2 looped it going for the lead as caution waved. Morton had to restart at the rear of the filed as all 19 cars were still on the lead lap. under caution Morton made the turn to pit row ending his night. on the restart, Bryant went to the top side and was leaving nothing on the table digging for more. Jackson and his Ruble Engines 65 launched off turn 2 on lap 47 and began to pull away to take the win followed by Bryant in his Direct Drivelines 28 securing the runner-up spot while Martin battled his way around Richard's to round out the podium. 18 cars finished on the lead lap in an action packed, start studded event feature.

Plans are already being made for net years date and added information as it was announced that the purse will be increased mostly for the Non-Qualifiers with a special feature and purse.

USRA B Modified action continues at Lebanon Midway next Saturday Night as drivers will be awarded National points.

Results-TJR Factory 56 USRA Summit B Modified Missouri Nationals.

A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 65 Kris Jackson
2 4 28 Andy Bryant
3 10 38 Gunner Martin
4 13 7J Jake Richards
5 7 8 Dillion McCowan
6 9 46 Brantley Gotschall
7 16 391 Eddie Martin
8 2 21 Cam Reimers
9 12 29 Dalton Keith
10 8 17 Mike Streigel
11 14 98 John Allen
12 15 24 Brian Schutt
13 11 8K Tyler Knudtson
14 17 160 Micheal Maggard
15 6 9 Sam Petty
16 18 F1 Mitchell Franklin
17 19 28 Wesley Briggs
18 20 16M Brian Myers
19 3 18 JC Morton
20 5 00B Terry Schultz

B Feature-Top 6 To A Ft.

1-7J Richards
2-98 Allen
3-24 Ellis
4-391- E. Martin
5-160- Maggard
6-F1- Franklin
7-39-Steve Muilenburg
8-10P-Jason Pursley
9-30-Rex Harris
10-68-Tim Brown
11-19-Jimmy Cummins
12-11T-James Thompson
13-42c-Casey Thomas
14-15-Ryan Edde
C Feature-Top 8 To B Feature
5-S. Muilenburg
9-32-Kelly Hicks
11-51-Bill Schaar
13-28L-Brandon Lyons