Midway Results 8/3/2018

Lebanon Midway Results

S&S U-Pull It B Modifieds

1) Kris Jackson 2) Tyler Brown 3) Tyler Knudtson 4) Bobby Williams 5) Sam petty 6) Dillion McCowan 7) Ricky Watkins 8) Kelly Hicks 9) Dayton Pursley 10) Mike Foster 11) Donnie Jackson 12) Ryan Lewis 13) Brian Myers.

Great tight packed action as Jackson takes the lead on lap 7 from Tyler Knudtson and Tyler Brown with a wide 3 wide pass to record his 12th feature win at The Midway. Knudtson takes the opening lead with Brown in hot pursuit with tight action all over the place Jackson started 7th on the grid while Track Champion Sam Petty started 11th on the field to raly from the rear after a caution flew to complete a top 5 finish. McCowan and Bobby Williams along with Donnie Jackson kept action hot in the middle pack. Knudtson gave way to Brown for 2nd place on lap 9 when the car got loose off of turn 4 and it really jammed everyone up and got the pack even closer.

Starnes Auto Street Stocks

1) Joe Francis 2) Mark Davis 3) Danny Monroe 4) Justin McDowell 5) Zach Zeugin.

Francis gets win number 2 of the season after taking over the top spot after leader Zeugin spun and then held back Davis. Monroe had a strong showing in his 1st start here and was leading for a couple of laps. Davis grabs the track championship.

Sing Rental Hornets

1) Jason Walls 2) Shannon Geller 3) Dewey Resch 4) William Gardner 5) James Reynolds 6) Jeff Helton 7) Sarah Cunningham 8) Jonathan Finley 9) Tyson Moore 10) Shyanne Bauman11) Ed Henson 12) Cole Canada 13) Ricky Reynolds 14) Ashley Henderson 15) Corey Henson 16) Jeff Chandler 17) Rick Morrow.

Another strong feature by The Hornets-Resch gets the opening lead with point champion Geller in hot pursuit followed by pole setter Moore and a Pack of cars behind.Jason Walls joined the fun on lap 4 as the top 3 were bunched-up Walls goes to 2nd on lap 7 as Cole Canada who started 17th had clawed his way to 4th place. Geller had opened a small advantage but Canada goes to 2nd on lap 9 and gaining. A caution on lap 11 changed alot of the outcome as Henderson had the steering bust loose. Canada's car lost power, Ricky Reynolds had problem and pulled-in. This put Walls on Gellers bumper and for the next 3 laps it was door to door as Resch closed-in. Final turn Final lap-Walls goes top side to get a narrow win. Helton gets his best run of the season with a 6th place finish after starting 13th as 11 cars were on lap lead lap. Sarah Cunningham gets the mystery lottery spot worth an extra $50 tonight for her position.

Mi-Kel Midwest Mods

1) Rob Muilenburg 2) Jamie Petty 3) Jeremy Hazel 4) Donnie Gennings 5) TR Phillips 6) Jessie Hawkins 7) Luke Gideon 8) Zach Cheever 9) Brian Piercy 10) Billy Jones 11) Kyle Bates 12) James Epperson 13) Caleb Rhoads 14) Phillip Jackson

Good racing all over the pack. Jamey Petty grabs the lead on lap 1 with Muilenburg who started 5th on his bumper. A move down low on lap 2 puts Muilenburg to the top spot as Petty, Piercy, Gennings and 3 others battle for position. The drive on the night came from Hazel being patient and picking his spots while Petty and Piercy went door to door with Hazel waiting. Colt Cheevers grabs the season title even being gone.

Complete Service Pure Stocks

1) Ron Duncan 2) Greg Dykstra 3) Justin Roberts 4) Dalton White 5) Jack Wood 6) John Gamble 7) Ron Myers 8) Les Hayes 9) TJ Whited 10) Corey Henson 11) Mike Piercy 12) Jordan Goddard.

Wild action, lots of passing and well keeping you wondering. Hayes gets the opening spot as point Champion Duncan follows and takes over on lap 2 followed by Wood. On lap 3 Wood takes the spot as Gamble comes quickly. Wood and Gamble put on a race as Duncan and a fast moving Dykstra follow. The leaders get together while going for spot number 1 bunching the group together and Duncan to the lead.Dyksra makes a move on lap 10 as Duncan bobbles in turn 2. The pack gets together including Wood and Gamble as Henson gets the worst of it all. Duncan back to the top spot as Justin Roberts is working back to the front after having problems and pitted under caution. Duncan holds back Dykstra for the narrow win.

1st State Bank Bombers

1) Donnie Gennings 2) Sam McDaniel 3) Weldon Rothmel 4) William Gardner 5) Derek Collins 6) Tony Wright.

McDaniel jumps to the early lead as the caution free feature keep going, Gennings rallied from 5th to run down McDaniel and take the top spot on lap 14 of a 15 lap feature. Gardner gets the season title.

Midway will be back in Action on Saturday Sept. 8th for the opening race with the 2nd annual Bud Perry Memorial featuring the super fast Cash Money Late Models, USRA B Modifieds, Hornets, Midwest Modifieds, Pure Stocks and The sleek looking St. Louis Vintage Car Association.

Already-The winners of the Late Models, B Modifieds, Midwest Mods and Pure Stocks receive a free tire from Bud's. 2nd place in the B and Midwest Mods a Free Real Racing wheel. 3rd place in the Modified class is a 25 dollar certificate to Buds. Added money to the normal Midway Classes and more things being worked on with information to come.