Midway Results 5/4/2018

USRA S&S U-Pull It B Modifieds

1) Kris Jackson
2) Tyler Knudtson
3) Sam Petty
4) Ricky Watkins
5) Brian Myers
6) Dillion McCowan
7) Donnie Jackson
8) Rich Reynolds
9) Mitchell Franklin
10) Bill Schaar
11) Daniel Deason
12) Ted Ballinger

Recap-Jackson starting 6th, made the pass from 3rd to 1st getting around Front runners Knudtson and Watkins who had been swapping positions at the half way point. Petty who was riding in 4th most of the feature started his move forward to join the race for 2nd place after Jackson took the top spot.

Complete Service Pure Stocks

1) Ron Duncan
2) Randy Whitt
3) Ron Myers
4) Willard Taylor
5) Dalton White
6) TJ Whited
7) Randy High
8) Dalton Bell
9) Justin Roberts
10) Quinton Day
11) Jim Alieksaities
12) Steven Henry
13) Mike Piercy
14) Les Hayes.

Duncan gets his 1st ever Midway and 1st in a Pure Stock in a wild feature which saw which saw tire issues take several contenders out including early leaders Justin Roberts and Randy High. Great run by Myers and Whitt who had to recover from tail-back after lap 1.

Mi-Kel Midwest Modifieds

1) Rob Muilenburg
2) Jared McIntire
3) Joe Williams
4) Dwayne Hobbs
5) Phillip Jackson
6) Luke Gideon
7) Zach Cheever
8) Robert High
9) Jeremy Hazel
10) Trent Wynn
DNS-Caleb Starnes.

Defending Spring/Summer Champion Muilenburg gets his 1st win of the season after a hard battle with Hobbs. Good early action. The race so 2nd was tight as newcomer McIntire nips Williams for 2nd place.

Sing Rental Hornets

1) Ricky Reynolds
2) Bryan Thompson
3) Corey Henson
4) Caleb Price
5) Ashley Henderson
6) Shyanne Bauman
7) Kelly Escamilla
8) James Reynolds
9) Tyson Moore
10) Mason Rodden
11) Shannon Geller
DNS-Dewey Resch, Nathan Kraft, Sara Cunningham
Note 4 ladies competing with the Hornets tonight.

As the night got cooler, moisture surfaced causing some tire issues but good racing. Geller with a big lead but problems ended his night. Rodden then checks out but a flat tire ends his run. Thompson takes control, but last week's winner Ricky Reynolds came from 11th to take his 2nd win of the season.

1st State Bank Bombers

1) Mark Simon
2) Sam McDaniel
3) William Garner
4) Tony Wright
5) Joe Francis
6) Donnie Gennings
7) Derek Brown
8) Derek Collins
9) Jacob White.

Good hard racing and 2-3 wide early-McDaniel takes the early lead. Simon comes from 9th and his perfect 3 for 3, but the field has closed-up the big gap from opening night.

Starnes Auto Street Stocks

1) Mark Davis
2) Joe Francis
3) Jay Flinn
4) Derek Eric Lampe

Last lap action with Davis making another last lap pass for the win and contact between him and leader Francis almost saw Francis go over as he rode on 2 wheels on the final turn, final lap.

Next week-The INEX Missouri Dirt Legends make an apperance. Street Stocks will take the night off.