Midway Results 5/11/2018

Lebanon Midway Results And Shorts-Friday May 11

1st-A Special Thank you to everyone as between 50/50 tickets, passing the helmets and the Special Cup giveaway drawings-over $750 plus was raised to help The Schoen Family who lost everything in a house fire this week-Tyler a regular at Midway and The Family escaped but lost everything in this tragic event-Again Thank you for opening-up.

USRA B Mods Presented by S&S U-pull It Auto Parts

1) Kris Jackson
2) Sam Petty
3) JC Morton
4) Tyler Knudtson
5) Ricky Watkins
6) Brian Myers
7) Donnie Jackson
8) Kelly Hicks
9) Rich Reynolds
DNS-Dillion McCowan

Jackson from 9th starting spot to take win #3 of the season. Sam Petty on the pole and fending back Donnie Jackson and Knudtson early. Morton and Jackson picking through the field after Morton and team fixed an issue which knocked him out of heat race action. Petty looked smooth and strong while Jackson caught the leader with Morton following. Just as Jackson made a pass, yellow comes out putting Petty back in front. Jackson has to work hard to get around Petty in the closing laps with Morton moving around Knudtson and coming quickly on top 2.

Missouri Dirt Legends

1) Justin Comer
2) Grayson McKinney
3) Richard Powell
4) Wayne Johnson
5) Steve Harshbarger
6) Ryan Sulliven
7) Chance Gilbert
8) Mike Gilbert
9) Trenton Simon
10) Chris Powell.

What looked like a Comer run away-developed into a nice tight finish with McKinney trying several times late in the race. Richard Powell's spin while trying for the lead set-up some hard action late in the stages.


1) Justin Gantt
2) Corey Henson
3) Shannon Geller
4) Bryan Thompson
5) Ricky Reynolds
6) Sarah Cunningham
7) Dewey
8) Ashley Henderson
9) Ed Henson
10) James Reynolds
11) Kelly Escamilla
12) Kaleb Price
13) Shayann Bauman.

Tight action all feature long-Geller setting a fast pace the entire night with Gantt right beside and behind him. Action all over the track in different places. Gantt dove hard a couple of times before making the winning pass late in the race as point leader Henson comes out of no-where for 2nd.

Midwest Mods

1) Colt Cheevers
2) Rob Muilenburg
3) DeWayne Hobbs
4) Austin Treadway
5) Joe Williams
6) Phillip Jackson
7) Jeremy Hazel
8) James Epperson
9) Trent Wynn
DQ-TR Phillips
DNS-Zack Cheever, Matt Williams.

Good race early-Hobbs and Wynn back and forth as Muilenburg and Cheevers coming from row 4. Tight action with those 4 provided good racing as Cheevers makes the 2 wide pass for his 3rd win.


1) Sam McDaniel
2) Derek Collins
3) Mark Simon
4) William Garner
5) Clyde Walden Rapranel
6) Tony Wright
7) Donnie Gennings
8) David Price

Last years Fall Series champion in the Hornets takes advantage of a front row spot and sets a fast pace for the full feature-A great race by all. Collins with a solid run as point leader Simon had a good battle with Garner Thid clss is giving some good racing and keeping the car count steady.

Pure Stocks

1) Randy High
2) Justin Roberts
3) Dalton White
4) Les Hayes
5) Ron Duncan
6) Steven Henry
7) Willard Taylor
8) Shane Headley
DNS-Anthony Kalman

(Offered Duncan his car after Duncan had motor issues)

Great actin early as Roberts starting to turn his season around as High and Roberts door to door. Action slowed as a fast moving Taylor took the turn 2 tumble and ended on hi lid-Walked away and car had some damage-but could have been worse. After that All high getting his 2nd win of the season.

Next Friday night-Federal Protection Night with all 6 feature winners getting asecurity system awarded to them.