Midway Results 4/5/2019

USRA S&S U-Pull It B Mods

1) Kris Jackson
2) Cole Denner
3) Sam Petty
4) Kelly Hicks
5) Tyler Knudtson
6) Mitchell Franklin
7) Ryan Lewis
8) Matt Rose
9) Dayton Pursley
10) Brian Myers
11) Robbie Ewing
12) Dillion MCcowan
13) Wesley Briggs
14) Jamie Mauk
DNS-Dalton Keith
Action all over the place-Kris comes from inside row 3 to get the top spot on lap 6 after a hard fough door to door battle with Iowa's Cole Denner as Denner set the opening fast pace. Only 1 caution for the 20 lapper.

Mi-Kel Industries Midwest Modifieds

1) Colt Cheevers
2) Luke Gideon
3) Kyle Lafferty
4) Justin Day
5) Jamey Petty
6) Zach Cheever
7) Phillip Jackson
8) Austin Treadway
9) Tim Day
10) Billy Jones
11) Austin Greer
12) Bryan Lewis
13) Bryan Lewis
14) Jeff Street
15) Cody Stillwell
DNS-Mark Simon( motor issues)
DQ-Trent Wynn

15 laps, fast pace no cautions-Fall Series champ Gideon grabs the opening lead with Petty and Wynn back and forth. Cheevers finally catches the leaders at the halfway mark and a nice race between them before Colt pulls away late.

Coldwell Banker Pure Stocks

1) Jack Wood
2) Christopher Sawyer
3) Les Hayes
4) Derek Davis
5) TJ Whited
6) Greg Dykstra
7) Corey Henson
8) Bodie Gamble
9) Justin Roberts
10) Ron Duncan
11) Mike Piercy
12) Chase Roberts
13) Shannon Geller
14) Sam McDaniel
15) Darrel Hurt
16) Jacob Cater
17) Ed Henson
18) Mason Rodden
DNS-Quinton Day, Mendel Needham
DQ-Mark Simon

Lots of action, and overall a rough night for the pures with musical chairs the theme but some great runs by several drivers. Wood takes the opening spotwith Duncan close behind and cars all over the track for spots. Simon puts on pressure after some caution flag time and takes the lead on lap 7 as the time clock was running on the feature. Simon crosses in 1st but some issues in tech gives the win to Wood. Notable runs by Les Hayes, newcomer Derek Davis and the General Lee car of TJ Whited.

Sing Rentals Hornets

1) Jordan Goddard
2) Ricky Reynolds
3) Jeff Helton
4) Jason Walls
5) Dewey Resch
6) Jonathon Finley
7) Randy Dye
8) Tyson Moore
9) John Gerber
10) Kelly Escamilla
11) Dan Nelson
12) Sarah Cunningham
13) Shyanne Bauman

A great race to end the night for the front-wheel drive class with 2-3 battles all over the track. White Lightning Ricky Reynolds leads lap 1, as then Jeff Helton takes command for the next 2 laps. Dan Nelson in the 26 has showed he will be a contender as he takes the top spot on lap 4 with Helton, Reynolds a fast moving Jordan Goddard and Nelson swapping positions. Goddard who competed in the Pures last season has moved to both Hornets and Midwest takes command on lap 10 in the caution free feature until late. Nelson is now hot on his heels until the white flag waves with electrical issues.

Starnes Auto Street Stocks

1) Derek Brown
2) Jay Flinn
3) James Keeran
4) Joe Francis
5) William Garner
6) Dale Berry
7) Mark Mike Davis

Derek Brown in command after a torrid early battle with Flinn

1st State Community Banks Kidz Cruisers

1) Jacob Lewis
2) Dalton Roberts
3) Preston McDowell

Great race and job by the kids.