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Alright folks, here it is......
Why are rules not out yet?
What is Midway doing about sanctioning?
Why is it so quiet on here?

Well, a while back Kenny Brown, owner of POWRi StockMod reached out to Midway. I won't get into all the details here, because they are still being ironed out. Expect a press release from POWRi mid week of next week, including ALL of the details.

HOWEVER..... Midway Speedway will once again be a POWRi sanctioned race track. A great meeting this evening with Kenny and Jeff Albright Sr.! Kenny informed us the issues that were within powri are no longer present. We couldn't be happier for this partnership to continue. Kenny has a heart for grassroots racing, might even be bigger than ours! We are excited to have direct contact with him, and to be working side by side with him in the future! Also, Welcome Rowdy Energy on board for the 2023 season!! Another lover of grassroots racing, Kyle Busch, it only seemed fitting for us to have some #RowdyEnergy at the mighty midway!! Like I said above, keep an eye on #POWRiStockMod page for an official press release!! You're going to love it!!!


Lebanon Midway Announces Gary Woodall And Les Hayes Tribute Dates. The Lebanon Midway Speedway have announced the dates for The Gary Woodall Tribute and Les Hayes Tributes. Friday night, July 7th will be the Gary Woodall Tribute as the Speedway honors the former track announcer and area Racer. The Pure Stocks will be the feature class as Gary was a big fan of this class and the class will compete for added money. That night will also be the Fireworks night to help celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Action will also feature the regular racing program of USRA B Mods, Late Models, SUPERSTOCKS and Midwest Mods.

Friday night Sept. 1st, the Speedway will host the Les Hayes Memorial as the Pure Stocks will compete for added money as we remember the area Pure Stock driver of the 69er. Les passed away this winter after a very tough battle with cancer.

Action will also feature USRA B Mods, Late Models, Super Stocks and Midwest Mods. For more information keep up with our Facebook page and website. More details on the Mighty Midway will be coming with more schedule details.

**Banquet Info** I thought I had told folks this, but I guess it was just in passing and never made a public post about it. We will be having our banquet at The Mighty Oak Lodge. Banquet will take place in January. We decided on January so that way folks wouldn't be out of town for the holidays. They wouldn't have to be worried about the rat race of the holidays. Also, it's kind of dead during January and February. Not much to be looking forward to. After talking with folks and jokingly saying we are just gonna do a taco bar, it seemed like a huge hit, so I believe we are actually going to make a huge spread of an all you can eat taco bar!! We will make another post soon, once we have a chance to sit down with the Douglas family and nail down a date/time. Appreciate you all. Excited for 2023 race season is an understatement... Thank you ALL for an AMAZING 2022 season. (Can. Not. Wait. For you all to see what 2023 has in store)!! If any persons / businesses are interested in becoming a Midway speedway track sponsor, and fill up our corners fencing, please feel free to reach out.

We are going to try something for the 2023 season. We feel like this is a perfect option for the budget racer. This is the next step of the racing world. We want to show the sanctioning bodies out there that this one single rule change(all be it a big one) is worth the efforts it will take to make this work. For decades and decades a standard 0010 engine block has been the way to go. Times have changed. Engines have evolved. We have to evolve with them, or be left behind. With the ever changing economy, and the stressor to the racers pocket, we here at Midway are trying to keep the grass root racers in mind. We want to grow the sport of racing. Now don't get me wrong here, we aren't knocking porfessional engine builders. We LOVE our engine builders. But, we want to grow that grass roots base of racing. We want drivers building their own engines, in their shop, with their kids. Making those memories and bringing up that next generation of racer!!

We here at Midway Speedway are pushing the envelope, but it's what we do. We want to give you drivers another option to help save some money. Hopefully this change will get us some drivers cutting their teeth in the pure stock class. If the LS base isn't your thing, that's 100% OK. You can run your standard engines. Swapping to an LS base will allow some budget racers a cheaper option to get into our amazing sport of racing. Midway Speedway will now be allowing ALL cars to run an LS long block. (Yes you read that correctly, ALL cars). YOU MUST ADHERE TO ALL OTHER RULES FOR THAT CLASS. Only thing we are changing is to allow an LS long block. You can go to a salvage yard and grab a 4.8 or 5.3 long block for $500. (YOU CAN NOT RUN A 6.0 OR 6.2) Swap intake and carb......GO RACING!!! It's hard to find a 0010 350 engine block. LS engines are EVERYWHERE. Let's build some cost effective engines and get back to "cheap" grass roots racing!! WITH THAY BEING running the 2023 racing season, will be awarded track points at Midway Speedway!!

Stay tuned for more information coming out. We wanted to get THIS information out before you send your engines off, or start ordering engine parts.

Friday Nights April - Sept.

Gates open at 5:00
Hot Laps 7:00pm
Racing Starts at 8:00pm




Adults (age 12 and up) - $12.00

Seniors (age 62 and up) and Military - $9.00

Youths (age 6-11) - $5.00

Kids (age 5 and under) - FREE

Parking - FREE

Ages 12 & up - $35.00

Ages 6-11 - $10.00

Ages 5 & under - FREE

These prices pertain to Regular Friday Racing during the season.
Special Show prices will be posted the week of the event.

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